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Oil Based Tympan Manila Paper “STA-PUT”,U.S.A for Under Packing

“STA-PUT” is most ideal cylinder under packing below Rubber Blankets & Plates . The outstanding features of STA-PUT Oil Based Tympan Manila Paper are as under:

- STA-PUT is Water Reistant.
- STA-PUT is Highly Compressed Paper
- STA-PUT has Smooth & Even Surface
- STA-PUT has Perfect Gripping
- STA-PUT is available in various thickness viz. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,   10 & 12.
- STA-PUT is available in width of 30", 36", 40", 42", 46" & 52"

Benefit of STA-PUT against poor quilty packing papers or plastic sheets:

In case of Ordinary Cadibrated Sheets 7 Lathroid Paper (mainly used In Electrical Industry), if used as Cylinder Packing, it will immediately absorb Water and chemicals. This will result in paper swelling and suface distortion Hich leads to uneven priting impression. Because of this, printer is required to chane packing quioe often, resulting in loss of production And Machine downtime. All these problems can be eliminated by using STA-PUT Oiled Tmpan Manila cylinder packing paper.

In the presses where, the Astrolen or Plastic Sheet is used as under Packing , due to its extra smoothness it slips into the Clamp resulting in tearing the Blanket at the Clamping eadge. In case of any smash, since the Plastic Sheet is hard, it does not allow te Blanket to resis the smash and hence the Blanket gets damaged very often, wheras STA-PUT, as mentioned above has the perfect Gripping. It also work as cushion at the time of blanket smash.


1) Use two sheets instead of sngle sheet ti resuce the change of creeping.
2) Use lower thickness next to cylinder, and higher next to plate or blanket.
3) Grain direction arrow s of Tympan Manla Paper should point to the bearers.
4) Don’t over pack. After packing, tighten clamps, un tighten again.
5) Clean back of each plae and cylinder surface before attaching packing.
6) Packing should be small in size than the plate/blanket to reduce eadgewickng.
7) Reusing packing is false economy.

To obtain excellent print results, ultimate choice of the leading printers all over the world is “STA-PUT” OIL BASED TMPAN MANILA PAPER from USA.